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My Path

thru 1997: Born and Raised in North Omaha

I was born and raised in North Omaha. I attended a variety of elementary schools followed by middle school at McMillan and finally graduated from Omaha North High School - Go Vikings!

thru 2010: An experience that changed my life

I've earned Bachelors and Masters degrees in Management Information Systems from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. My experience as the project manager for my Capstone Course during my Masters Program and having the opportunity to support the nonprofit organization Project Harmony solidified my drive to support community building through tech.

I had no idea how I would turn this passion into a career and my path of twists + turns is proof that there is no single way to achieve a goal.

2008 - 14: From Waitress to Managing Director in 6 years

I spent several years as a waitress while I was a student at UNO and held a variety of part-time positions until finally landing an internship on the helpdesk at Gavilon. I was helpless on the helpdesk to start, but leaned on the customer service skills I picked up while waiting tables to establish relationships with my colleagues and customers while navigating the unknown.

After 4 years at Gavilon, I moved on to a consulting firm where I primarily focused on SharePoint projects and was approached by a team to help launch Interface Web School as its co-founder and Managing Director one year later. Running Interface Web School is one of my most challenging and rewarding roles to date.

2014 - 17: Managing Director and Co-Founder of Interface Web School

Launching a school like Interface was not easy. However, I learned a lot about myself and my community through our efforts. As the Managing Director of Interface School, my goal was to keep showing up, try new things, provide opportunities for students to connect with the variety of resources in our community and keep moving forward.

My favorite lesson learned while running Interface was that people from all backgrounds and levels of influence were willing to lean in to provide support. I established incredible relationships with partners during my time at Interface - too many to name, but I am so grateful for their contributions and support - none of what was accomplished would have been possible without it.

2017 - 18: Interface --> AIM Institute

After 3 years of running Interface School it was acquired by the AIM Institute. I also transitioned to AIM and joined the leadership team where I had opportunities to work on exciting projects with passionate community builders and leaders.

2019: Talent Development and Leadership Training Consultant

A little over one year after joining the AIM team, I decided to pursue an independent role as a talent development consultant. Following this transition, I landed a contract talent development role at Mutual of Omaha.

After 3 months as a contractor, I joined the Mutual of Omaha team full-time. I also joined the MindSet LLC team as a part-time adjunct leadership training instructor. I am very excited for the opportunity to leverage the relationships I've built over the years to continue to support the development of our tech talent community.

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